TODD BRUCE (Producer) has nearly thirty-two years of logistical and administrative experience. Todd is a retired Fire Captain from Northern California where his duties included the command of large incidents (often up to hundreds of individuals and pieces of firefighting equipment), logistical support and administrative responsibilities ranging from day-to-day activities to major emergency incidents, and the direct supervision of dozens of individuals.

Todd received his Bachelor of Science degree from Humboldt State University in Forest Science. He has been exploring and adventuring Baja since his first trip in 1991. Todd is a published author (Nine Passes, 2015) and experienced outdoorsman. Making the transition from fighting fires to being responsible for the operational needs of producing a documentary film has been a natural fit.

GREG MEYER (Scientific Director, Naturalist) has been a professional naturalist, outdoor guide, and educator for over thirty years and led his first trip to Baja in 1985. During this time he has traveled all over Baja working for the Oceanic Society, Betchart Expeditions, H & M Landing, Linblad Expeditions, National Geographic Expeditions, the BBC and Glendale College.

Greg received his M.A. from Prescott College in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Conservation Biology.  His research interests are the preservation of island ecosystems, the evolution of island birds, and marine vertebrates.  As a naturalist and guide he has led trips on five continents from Alaska to Antarctica. Currently he teaches Outdoor Education at California State University, Monterey Bay and continues to explore the natural world with clients and students.

JT BRUCE (Director) got his hands on a VHS camcorder in the early 90s and has been making movies ever since. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in television, film, and new media production from San Diego State University, he cut his teeth on nearly every aspect of the filmmaking process. After graduating, he took a job at a production studio working on myriad nature documentaries, experimental films, and animated shorts.  Also a musical artist, his fourth full-length album, Vandal of Fortune, was released in June of 2015. For the past 10 years he’s been working as a professional freelance animator and visual effects artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. "The Devil's Road" is his first feature as director. More of his work can be seen at

BRI BRUCE (Associate Producer, Marketing Manager) is an editor, graphic designer, publisher, and award-winning author and pushcart prize nominee from Santa Cruz, California. With a bachelor’s degree in literature and creative writing from UC Santa Cruz, her personal work has appeared in dozens of magazines and literary publications. She is the author of The Weight of Snow, 28 Days of Solitude, and The Starling's Song and founder/owner of Bri Bruce Productions

Her professional career in publishing, design, and marketing has given her the opportunity to work on hundreds of creative projects with well-known authors, academics, and businesses from around the globe and in varying capacities. In her private time, she is an accomplished surfer, free diver, backpacker, and adventurer.

Daniel Ruiz.jpg

DANIEL RUIZ (Fixer, Interpreter) was born and raised in rural Ayotitlan, Mexico, in the state of Jalisco. The hills and valleys surrounding this pueblo allowed the opportunity for young Daniel to explore and hunt for the family's food. After immigrating to the United States with his parents and siblings in 1987 at the age of 13, Ruiz continued his education in Santa Cruz County while also learning English.  

Ruiz is currently the Building and Maintenance Supervisor with the Santa Cruz City Library, and is also a painting contractor. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.